Business Opportunity

Partnership Opportunities

IMG Water sells its water vending machines worldwide. In 2011, we expanded our partner channels in the United States and Canada and continually have prospective partners from many countries looking to distribute or resell in their regions.

Water Vending Machines provide an enormous opportunity for building owners, health food stores, hotels, municipalities/local government and independent companies to provide a valuable service to their customers or the community while making recurring and growing revenue. There are many side benefits too – environmental protection, health and wellness improvements, lower cost of water and increased availability of water.

We form partnerships on three levels:

  • JOINT VENTURE – with our international expansion, we are looking for partners who want a vested interest in the success of the venture. Our success, industry knowledge, manufacturing processes and continual product development allow our JV partners to rapidly develop a profitable market presence.
  • DISTRIBUTION – Distributors are our regional hub for serving our resellers. As we look to manufacture in other parts of the world, being a distribution partner will enable you to recruit your own industry-vertical or location-specific resellers.
  • RESELLERS – Resellers have knowledge and contacts in their local area, can be a small or large operation and provide installation and other customer’s services.

All of our partners can develop close relationships with IMG Water providing branding opportunities, joint marketing programs and customer specific development product.

Contact IMG Water Technologies to learn more about partnering and to rapidly develop a highly profitable revenue stream.