Desalinated Product

Desalination Systems

Providing Purified Drinking Water From The Sea For Businesses & Communities

Over 70% of the world’s surface is water…but less than 1% can be directly used. In the majority of the world, dirty, unhealthy water is the only option leading to serious and lasting medical issues. Even developed nations struggle to access water sources and use chemicals to partially clean public water.

Desalination is the answer. SEATAP™ is the first, commercially-viable water purification system which provides resorts, businesses and communities  with the ability to supply clean, great tasting water to their customers or citizens.

Sustainable, Healthy and Profitable

  •  Takes sea or brackish water and purifies to highest standard
  • Low cost of installation – no cost of water
  •  From single serve to bulk vend – or continuous flow
  •  No chemicals or toxins used to clean the water
  • Ideal revenue generating and value for resorts, hotels, marinas and other customer-focused industries
  •  Provides communities with clean water for drinking, cooking and other essential uses
  • Low cost for businesses and community-support organizations
  • High volume flow for industrial use – agriculture, dairy, etc.
  • NO plastic bottles, storage or supply-chain

Desalination and the purification/cleaning of sea and inland water is essential to providing great tasting water to the public and establishing a healthy foundation to developing communities.

SEATAP™ is only desalinated water vending machine.

IMG Water will support you:

  •  International network and distribution
  • Scalable solutions for low usage to constant flow industrial use