Hotel and Resort – Purified Water Vending Machines

Competitive advantage is no more important than in the hospitality industry. Whether a vacation resort or a business conference centre, you need to provide better services to continue to enhance your business.

IMG Water has two products which provide a large revenue-generating solution and brand value to both your business and your customer’s.

WaterStations provide chilled, purified water in any volume from jugs for conference and fridge containers for rooms, to single-serve cups in fitness facilities. No single-use plastic bottles, inventory management or supply costs and minimal maintenance. Apart from the machine there is NO cost so revenue generated goes directly to the bottom line.

SEATAP is our Purified Sea Water machine. Desalination has only been available to cities willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on purification plants, but now the same process – without the harmful effect on the ocean – can be used by coastal businesses or those near inland water sources.

This investment will prove a huge corporate investment in environmental support and in every customer of your business. Contact IMG Water to quickly understand the value, costs and return on investment from water vending machines.