Health Food Stores – Purified Water Vending Machines

The trend towards healthy living has increased rapidly in recent years as our understanding of what is, and what is not, good for us to put in our bodies. While healthier food, toxin-free containers and exercise are important to all of us, water is essential for life. So, the better the quality of the water, the healthier we become.

Health Food Stores lead the education and access to a balanced diet and lifestyle. Recently, these businesses have invested in becoming more environmentally-friendly and providing the ability to buy cleaner water. This saves us money and improves our drinking and eating experience.

IMG Water has Water Vending Machines which take the purification and quality of the water to another level. Five gallon water cooler containers to single-serve chilled water for the family while shopping – our Purified and Ionized Alkaline water increases the profitability of the store while decreasing the cost to the customer. No water bottles, no marketing of “additives” and zero environmental impact.

This is the ideal service for the healthier consumer and leaders in the health food industry.