Purified Water Vending Machines

Public Sector

As a Public Sector manager, you are no doubt already very aware of the need to provide eco-friendly products and services to your employees. You may also be looking for alternative ways to save money or earn extra revenues for your department or agency.

Look no further to find the perfect alternative to your current water delivery methods, as well as a real, effective program to introduce Eco-Friendly vending machines in your location. IMG Water Technologies purification provides flexible options and solutions with our Series 600 WaterStations. Our WaterStation can be configured to support any type of location for your agency or base. We offer retail solutions, workplace solutions and residential solutions.

Retail Water Solutions

We offer an extremely attractive water purification solution over the current Point-of-Sale opportunities offered by water vendors today. You have the opportunity to purchase, own and operate our Series 600 WaterStation.

Our Water Station is flexible and offers several retail configurations, including coin/bill acceptors and changers. It also allows you to utilize the latest SmartCard technology to provide a pay-for-use model on pre-paid or monthly billed cards. Our SmartCard can be used for sale in convenience stores, commissaries, and other locations providing a branded “Water Card”. These can be sold in pre-paid amounts, such as $10, $20, or more, for use on any WaterStation at your high-volume consumer locations with units that have a SmartCard Reader installed.

At a price point well below other commercial grade equipment, and much more lucrative than current revenue share opportunities, the IMG Water Technologies Station is the solution for you!

Workplace Water Solutions

In addition, many government agencies and municipalities have large workforces in one building that may be using the “water cooler” solution to provide water to their employees. Our WaterStation is so flexible; they can replace the water delivery methods you currently have in your large workplace facilities. In offices or buildings where you employ large numbers of people in one place, where you are currently paying for 5-gallon jug water delivery, you will find the IMG Water Technologies purification solution will provide your workers with “bottle free” great tasting water at a reduced monthly cost.

With IMG Water Technologies, we provide a Point-of-Use WaterStation solution which allows you to provide unlimited, chilled, single-serve water to your employees at no cost to them, and only pennies per gallon for you!

Barracks and Multi-Tennant Residences Water Solutions

Our water purification equipment allows you to utilize the latest SmartCard technology to provide a pay-for-use model on pre-paid or monthly billed cards. In this model, you would charge the tenant a low monthly fee for virtually unlimited water (up to 40 gallons per month); and place the unit in a common area such as the laundry room or gym. Using our SmartCard technology, you can track and bill the water usage at each facility. This allows residents to have clean, safe, high quality drinking water right on the premises!

Heightened Eco-Awareness

Current heightened awareness and press concerning environmental issues of bottled water, as well as the actual cost per gallon for companies with larger work-forces are driving many employers to look at alternative methods of water purification and water filtration.

The fact is that most 5-gallon delivery services work out to about $1.60 per gallon, which is at any convenience store, a retail price for chilled purified water.

IMG Water Technologies Station versus Typical Water Cooler

We offer several benefits over the predominant model of 5-gallon jug or single-server plastic bottles:

  • Our water purification products are Bottle Free! We are helping you show your employees and customers that you are environmentally conscious and are taking decisive steps to GO GREEN
  • Our Rental Program allows you to provide Commercial Grade purified water with no upfront fees and a low monthly cost and small usage fees
  • For employers with over 50 employees, we are saving you money! At 200 gallons per month, you can expect to save about 50% over your current water bill! We estimate conservatively that an individual will consume about 3 gallons of water per month in the workplace. Our pricing model is set to start saving money at about 150 gallons per month
  • For larger offices, there is a capacity issue for chilled water, as typically they only can ”hold” about 2 liters of chilled water at a time. Our water purification product holds TEN TIMES that amount of ready-to-serve chilled water as a commercial grade product
  • These water coolers are meant to fill small cups; people that drink a lot of water constantly have to go refill their cup, or stand there while a sports bottle or quart fills. Our product fills a Sports Bottle in seconds.

Your current water filtration alternatives are limited. The only alternative left to you today other than the Bottled Water solutions, is to install an ”under the sink” purifier. While these are no doubt less expensive than 5-gallon or single serve, they in fact are limited in several other critical areas affecting larger work-forces:

  • Not commercial grade water – these are simple purifiers that do not qualify as ”Commercial Grade”. Many people do not perceive these purifiers to be the same in Quality, Safety, and Taste as bottled water (and they are correct). For this reason, many employees still go out and purchase bottled water
  • Locations are limited to kitchen sinks; our water purification equipment is more flexible in the location placement

You now have a clear water purification alternative to not only providing crisp, safe, and great tasting water to your employees, but by providing an Eco-Friendly ”Bottle Free” solution, and saving money at the same time