Business Opportunity

The First Vending Machine to Meet the Demand of Today’s Consumers for Healthy, Affordable Alkaline Ionized Water

Giving You the Opportunity to be Part of the $11 billion+ U.S. “Bottled” Water Market

The growing demand for Alkaline Ionized Water is flooding the $11 billion bottled water industry. To receive the great taste and health benefits, some consumers are spending between $1,000 and $4,000 for home machines.

With this in mind, IMG Water saw the need for an affordable Alkaline Ionized Water product that was environmentally friendly. After seven years and more than $2.5 million in research and development, IMG Water has filled this void in the market with the Well Alkaline Water Vending Machine.

At a fraction of the cost of others, the Well system produces an Alkaline
Ionized Water that is delicious, stable and affordable.

Well water has:

  • A soft, silky taste
  • Strong antioxidant properties (a major benefit to your health-conscious customers)
  • Alkaline Ionized Water with a reduced ORP
  • A natural process that percolates water through natural mineral beds
  • Healthy minerals and substances
  • Zero calories

Get in Early, Act now
We believe that alkaline ionized water is the next massive-growth beverage category. Get in early, be first to market in your area.

With IMG Water, you can:

  • Build a plan for the future + Be your own boss
  • Help people be healthy + Make profits

IMG Water will support you with:

  • Third party financing information
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Traditional marketing
  • Regional and national promotional campaign